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Presented in a practical bottle, its gel consistency fits balanced or natural food. It turns out to be a rich presentation that dogs love, since it is highly palatable, ready to mix and really effortless to administer.

JUVENIA is highly recommended for dogs of all breeds and any age, though its benefits are deeply enhanced in elderly, convalescent,over-demanded or overweight dogs; as well as convalescent with chronic diseases such as kidney, liver, heart disease, diabetes, Cushing, among others.

What is Resveratrol?

Resveratrol is a natural active ingredient obtained mainly from Roots of Polygonum Cuspidatum. With more than 10,000 research studies, its antihyperoxidant effects have been proven, along with 74 benefits that this molecule provides to the organic functioning in humans and companion animals. Formulated in Nutragel consistency, the Resveratrol presented in each JUVENIA DOGS package helps prevent and counteract kidney conditions, arthritis, cardiovascular dysfunction and other chronic non-communicable conditions, which are based on the hyperoxidation of cells.

Benefits of Juvenia Dogs

Over ten thousand scientific researches certify the virtues of Resveratrol. Laboratory Sauzul Pharma LLC has verified the benefits of JUVENIA through joint research and clinical work in dogs, published in the “Nutrition and Healthy Aging”:

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Juvenia Dogs inhibits oxidative stress damage, decreasing sarcopenia (muscle loss), osteopenia (loss of bone mass) and DNA impairment.

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About us

Sauzul Pharma LLC in partnership with Microsules Argentina Laboratory

Microsules Laboratory is a pharmaceutical Argentine company which has had presence for over 45 years producing an extensive selection of high quality medicines.

In a remarkably competitive market, our company of Argentine capitals has maintained a privileged position due to the constant updating of their equipment and the expertise of their professionals. Over time, this has led to sustained expansion and continuously enhanced product offering.

Nowadays, we develop three lines of products which are commercialized through their own sales force:

• Special treatments line (HIV - Oncology - Oncohematology)

• Pharma line (ambulatory medicines of high medical prescription)

• OTC line

Our model pharmaceutical plant is located in Garin, Buenos Aires Province. There is a warehouse, both primary and secondary conditioning areas, a quality control and assurance sector including all the necessary equipment, a dining room for employees and administration offices. Likewise, in December 2018 we opened a full new 2.000 square meters facility for the production of injectable and lyophilized oncological medicines.

Our company is positioned among the leading laboratory companies in the generic market. Today we commercialize more than 13.000.000 annual unities across the country with prompt potential expansion according to the markets needs.

There are currently more than 180 members of staff, this has been a growing number year after year and provides an outstanding service according to international standards.

All throughout these 45 years of experience it has been our strong conviction that proficiency led by constant upgrading is the best way to progress and upfront future challenges.