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Juvenia Chews + Gel Anti-Oxidant Bundle 30 Chews + 8 Oz Gel

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Let us introduce Juvenia Dogs Gel and Juvenia Dogs Chews. Based on Resveratrol, both our cutting-edge products have been specially designed to improve your pet´s life and health through an innovative and effortless way to hand over.

Benefits of Juvenia Dogs 

  • Improves aging by providing energy, stamina and overall health support - Resveratrol is one of the most powerful anti-oxidant in the market. Helps support cognitive function, eliminates free radicals associated with the aging process, supports normal bodily function, supports cardiovascular function, supplies nutrients for a healthy coat and skin and supports normal visual function.
  • Supports joint and bone strenght and flexibility - Healthier joints means a happier life to your dog. Here is where Curcumin makes its appearance being a natural anti-inflammatory and also because the anti-oxidant power it has.
  • Healthier coat and skin - Fish Oil will improves the health and appearance of their fur and skin, reducing the risk of allergies and skin problems.

 Chews Daily Dosage

Dog Weight           Daily Amount

1-10lbs…...................... 1 every day and half
11-44 lbs…....................1 per day
45-66 lbs…....................2 per day
Over 66 lbs…................3 per day

Gel Daily Dosage

  • Dogs up to 11 lbs: 5 ml (1 tea spoon) every day and a half
  • Dogs between 12 lbs to 44 lbs: 5 ml per day
  • Dogs between 45 lbs to 90 lbs : 10 ml (2 tea spoon) per day
  • Dogs over 90 lbs: 15 ml per day

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Umberto Calderon
Spilled and damaged

The product (the oral solution one) arrived completely damaged and spilled, it cannot be used. I hope you guys can re-send it.

Susann Bates
Dog gone good

Dogs say taste great. Rescue boy 10+ yrs says yum and too soon to tell about results other than taste. Good ingredients so expect improved movement.

Sophie O´Donell
Chose the bundle for my 8 years old German Sheperd and 1 year old German Sheperd.

One month ago I bought the bundle since I wanted to give my 8 years old German Sheperd (Bonnie) the Juvenia Gel because of Resveratrol and the chews for my German Sheperd puppy since I want him to grow healthy and with strong joints and bones.
As you should know German sheperds are known by their hip problems and we were starting to notice she was with little trouble to walk correctly. Luckily for the moment Juvenia Gel has improved her walking and noticing more energy in her.
And what about the chews, my little boy loves them and we are using it like training treats.
Going for my second bundle now!