How resveratrol can help dogs with chronic diseases

Oftentimes pharmaceuticals will mask symptoms without getting to the root of a dog’s chronic disease. Here’s how a natural solution such as resveratrol can help.

Chronic diseases such as joint problems, diabetes, liver and kidney disease and cancer aren’t uncommon in dogs. The good news is, there are several management options that keep sick dogs comfortable. The bad news? Many dogs being treated for these types of diseases don’t show signs of improvement. The symptoms persist, and their quality of life does not increase. Let’s take a look at why this is the case, and how an antioxidant called resveratrol can help bridge the gap between masking symptoms and promoting better health.

The role of oxidative stress

When a dog is diagnosed with a chronic disease, most conventional veterinarians will prescribe a medication to keep her stable. Often these drugs succeed in keeping the animal stable and comfortable, but they typically don’t promote recovery.

So why is this the case? Animals with chronic diseases have metabolic imbalances due to the high concentration of free radicals present in the damaged tissues (metabolic waste). This is called oxidative stress, and it must be reduced so that treatments can take effect.

Resveratrol – a powerful antioxidant

One of the easiest ways to reduce oxidative stress is by increasing the dog’s antioxidant intake. Numerous scientific studies show that resveratrol (the most powerful antioxidant of natural origin) is the ideal adjuvant to complement chronic treatments. It has no contraindications (it is safe for the animal) or antagonisms (it does not deactivate the treatment drugs, but rather synergizes and collaborates to improve their effectiveness).

The advantage of resveratrol over other antioxidants is that it’s able to reduce metabolic waste in a short time. It also stimulates the injured cells to help them regain their ability to produce their own antioxidant defenses – just as they did when they were young and healthy.

How to administer resveratrol

Ready to boost your pup’s antioxidant intake? Supplying resveratrol through tablets, pills or capsules is challenging since dogs aren’t always willing to ingest them. You can hide it in her food (a trick that doesn’t always work on smart canines), or reach for an alternative such as a liquid or gel. Currently, Juvenia Pet carries the only resveratrol-based dietary supplement for dogs. Its gel consistency makes it easy to administer, while the natural liver flavor makes it highly palatable for picky pups.

Resveratrol will work in conjunction with conventional treatments to help restore quality of life and improve overall health in dogs with chronic diseases. For animals who are already thriving, this antioxidant helps support cognitive and cardiovascular function, eliminates free radicals associated with the aging process, supplies nutrients for a healthy coat and skin and supports the immune system. Talk to your vet about incorporating it into your pup’s diet – and see the difference resveratrol can make!